How to Recover Photos After Factory Reset [With/Without Backup]

2023-09-14 16:36:42
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As much as Android phones are the great devices that we have all come to love and enjoy, it is not free from malfunctioning and common mishaps. Many software glitches and application malfunctions on your mobile devices can be resolved with a factory reset. However, there is a problem after factory reset - all of the data on your device gets wiped, even include your valuable photos which hold numerous memories. If you wonder how to recover photos after factory reset without backup, this article is for you. This article provides options for both those who have backups and those who don't. Keep reading and you’ll find the answer.

recover android data after factory reset

Video guide about how to recover photos after factory reset on android without backup

how to Recover Android Data After Factory Reset without backup

Recover Photos After Factory Reset on Android (Backup Needed)

1. Recover Photos After Factory Reset on Android with Google Photos

If you have backed up photos to Google Photos, then you can simply recover them after a factory reset and have the images back on your device. Here is how to do it:

Step 1 Open Google Photos on your smartphone and sign in with your Google account.

 Google photos

Step 2 Next, tap on the Library icon and click Trash. Then you'll see all the deleted images. Choose the ones you want to restore and click on Restore.

  Google photos library trash

2. Recover Photos After Factory Reset on Android via Settings

The majority of Android smartphones include a built-in backup option. As a result, after factory resetting your Android smartphone, you will be able to recover your data from any backups you made utilizing that function. To do this:

Navigate to Settings > Account. Log in to your account.

Then proceed to Backup and Restore. Tap on Restore.

Now you can select the backup file of the deleted photos you want to restore and confirm the action.

 backup and restore android data

3. Recover Photos After Factory Reset on Android via Google Account

Google accounts is an effective backup option for photos on your Android device. It can be used to recover photos after factory reset. Here are the steps to recover the photos after deletion:

Step 1 Go to Settings and log in to your Google account.

Step 2 Then go to Google Drive to access all of the data you have backed up and select which pictures you wish to have restored.

Step 3 Click the Restore option and then hit Done.

  Google Drive

How to Recover Photos After Factory Reset Without Backup

If you have lost your photos after a factory reset and unfortunately you do not have any backups, AnyRecover(Android) has got your back. AnyRecover (Android) is software designed to retrieve all kinds of data for Android devices including your lost photos.

It can help you scan for lost files on your phone and gives you a chance to preview the data before restoring. Despite not having a backup, it can still be used to recover photos from an Android phone after a factory reset.Not only can it recover photos, but it is also good at restoring SMS from Google Drive without factory reset.


Features of AnyRecover (Android) for data recovery

  • AnyRecover offers an easy and hassle-free data recovery option. Anyone even without deep technical knowledge can restore their data with a few clicks on the simple interface.
  • With this tool, you can recover photos after factory reset on your Android without backup.
  • This software gives you a chance to preview the data with its selective recovery feature, so you can decide on what photos you want to be restored.
  • It is one of the best choices to retrieve all kinds of files from your device, including contacts, chat, photos, videos, messages and other files.
  • Also can recover WhatsApp photos after factory reset.
  • AnyRecover provides a 99.7% success rate and is highly compatible with all Android brands,including Samsung,Xiaomi, Oneplus and more.
recover photos after factory reset android without backup

Steps to use AnyRecover (Android):

Launch AnyRecover (Android) on your PC and start by clicking Recover Phone Data on the screen. Then connect your smartphone to your PC.

recover lost data from Android phone

Click Start to proceed and choose your preferred scanning method. We often recommend using the full-scan option.

choose scan mode

Next, the program will scan your device for a few minutes. When it is completed, all files will be displayed. Choose the photos you need to restore and confirm the action.

preview files

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FAQ About Recovering Photos After Factory Reset on Android

Q1. Can data be recovered after a factory reset?

Yes, data can sometimes be recovered after a factory reset, depending on various factors. There are two main types of factory resets: a soft reset and a hard reset. A soft reset usually only erases user data and settings but doesn't affect system files, making data recovery more likely. A hard reset, on the other hand, typically wipes the entire device, including system files, making data recovery much more challenging. Some specialized data recovery tools and services that can attempt to recover data even after a factory reset. Here,one recommended data recovery tool is AnyRecover Android data recovery software, which can easily recover lost data in 3 steps.

Q2. Can these methods be used to recover other types of data?

Yes. Some of the methods might work for recovering other types of data, but not all. The only method guaranteed to help restore a wide variety of data is through the use of a professional tool like AnyRecover (Android). Suitable for photos, contacts, chats, and all other kinds of data.

Q3. How to recover photos after a factory reset on Android without rooting?

If you have your photos backed up to Google Photos or your settings, you can recover your photos after a factory reset without rooting. If there is no backup, the most useful method to recover your photos without rooting is by using AnyRecover (Android). No root and backup required, you can easily recover photos.

Q4. Can I recover photos after factory reset Samsung?

Yes, you can recover pictures after a factory reset from Samsung, whether you have a backup or not. If you have a backup, you can recover lost data directly from Samsung Cloud. If you accidentally perform a factory reset without a backup, you need to seek assistance from professional data recovery software. AnyRecover can recover Samsung data, whether you've taken a factory reset or your device is broken.


Losing your photos and other files after a factory reset can be quite disturbing. However, if you ever find yourself in this situation, the methods listed above will enable you to recover your photos quickly and easily. Of all the methods to recover your photos, one method is the most effective and satisfactory -- AnyRecover(Android). It allows you to recover photos after factory reset without backup. With a 99% recovery success rate, you have nothing to worry about after losing your photos. Join AnyRecover users to recover any of their files by downloading the software.

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