How to Recover Data from WD Passport Hard Drive - Full Guide

2023-02-20 18:27:56
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WD (Western Digital) is the world’s largest external hard drive selling brand because WD drives are amazingly consistent and readily available at a more competitive price than similar brands in the market. Nevertheless, the mechanical has always been prone to damage because of sudden shock, logical corruptions caused by a virus, malware, improper disconnection, unexpected power failure and mishandling. Apart from this, unintentional deletion and formatting are also more common these days.

If this situation occurs then it is important to stay quiet and stop using the affected storage media right away. Because minimizing drive usage can help to avoid further damage to the lost.

1How to Recover Data from WD Passport Hard Drive

There are many ways that can be used to retrieve lost or deleted data from a corrupt, formatted and inaccessible WD drive, two best of them are iMyFone AnyRecover and WD Smartware.

1Using AnyRecover

To perform a WD Passport data recovery and get all the data back, one needs to use a high-quality data recovery tool. There are many data recovery tools which guarantee great results. Most of them often end up disappointing their users but the best tool that would not disappoint you is AnyRecover. (Windows 11 supported)


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Features of iMyFone AnyRecover:        

It can easily help to recover Western Digital Passport data.

It provides more than 1000 file formats data recovery.

It can help to recover the data lost in different situations, such as power outage, accidental deletion, virus attack, device formatting, etc.

It is very easy to use and also works quickly.

Steps that you need to follow to recover data from WD Passport using AnyRecover:

STEP 1Firstly launch AnyRecover, then select the "External Device Recovery" option from the first screen.

external device recovery

STEP 2Next, connect your Western Digital hard drive to the computer. Thereafter, Select the drive and then click "Next".

connect to computer

STEP 3Afterwards, select "All File Types" or specific ones that you want to recover. Then, Tap “Scan”.

select external file type

STEP 4In a few minutes, all your lost files will be searched and displayed here. Preview the files and choose the files you would like to get back, then click "Recover".

preview and recover

Keep one important thing in mind that if the data on the hard drive has been overwritten then there is no assurance the data can be recovered. The lost data is overwritten if you continue to use the drive even after losing the data. So, Please be conscious that if you discover your data get lost then immediately stop using your hard drive so that you can recover the data with superior possibilities.

2Recover Data from WD Passport with WD Smartware

Like many other manufacturers, WD passport has its own software for backup named WD SmartWare. And, If you want to use WD SmartWare to recover your files from WD Passport then you must back up files in advance. As a backup made by WD SmartWare can be recovered with a few easy steps.

Step 1: Firstly, open this software and select "Retrieve" from the list above.

Step 2: After that, select the files backup that you need to recover from the box. Afterwards, click "Select Destination".

Step 3: Here you have an option to click "To the Original Places" to get back files to their original locations or click "In a Retrieved Content Folder" to recover files to another location. Then click the "Select Files".

Step 4: Afterwards, you can choose "Retrieve All Files" or "Retrieve Some Files" as per your needs. After that, click "Start Retrieving".

Step 5: When it is fulfilled, a message will display saying, "File Retrieval Complete" along with a blue check mark in the upper left.

2Common Scenarios That Require Data Recovery WD Passport

Now what’s more? Let’s have a look at the scenarios that cause technical problems. WD Hard drive is available in different storage variants. The feature that makes it users first choice is that it can store multiple file systems. That means users can save documents, videos, audio, programs, and all other mixed stuff. However, there are different scenarios that can be causes of data loss:

First and foremost cause is intentionally or accidentally deleting files from WD external hard drive.

Corruption of the system during file transfer.

Corruption of the hard drive due to power failure.

Data present in the WD do not show up even after the computer detects the external hard drive.

The WD My Passport fails to turn or other unknown reasons.

The other likely reason why a system fails to perceive is because of a virus attack.

3What You Should Know about WD Passport Hard Drive?

WD is a leading storage solution provider. WD Passport is a portable hard drive, which allows you to store data and take it with them at ease. It acts as a backup device. It has various considerable uses but one need to maintain it to keep it away from data losses. One should use anti-virus software and should regularly scan WD hard drive with authorized antivirus software to remove possible viruses from hard drive. By scanning and removing viruses from hard drive regularly, it will be healthy and free from any file corruption that could lead to data loss.

Apart from this, one should Eject WD hard drive by using "safe remove" option as if one unplug or disconnect WD hard drive suddenly then it may lead to file system corruption. So remember one thing, always eject the WD external hard drive using the "Safe Remove" option to prevent data loss from sudden ejection.


Data recovery is a critical task, and different data loss condition may call for different solutions. Maintaining regular backup is the primary step to address data loss situations. However, it is always better to also have data recovery software like iMyFone AnyRecover that can offer inclusive cover for a wide range of data recovery needs.

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